Thursday, August 14, 2014


At first glance, this isn't a sketchbook page of much importance...just some swatching of paint colors and for some reason, a drawing of completely unrelated acrylic craft paints (I guess those bottles happened to be in front of me at the time.)  Swatching, however, serves so many purposes.  It is absolutely critical to have actual painted samples for reference when choosing colors during a project; I actually swatch almost every product in my studio, store those cards in a folder, and pull out the relevant swatch card when working in a specific media.  Swatching is a great way to compose color palettes.  Swatch cards also keep you from duplicating colors when you get the urge to add to your stash or remind you which colors you tend to use the most.  For a lovely, color-soaked ode to paint swatching from a master, check out this post from my dear friend, Tammy at Daisy Yellow!  

Perhaps most importantly, swatching is a tremendously meditative activity.  When my brain and/or body are too overwhelmed to attempt anything complicated in the studio, I can always dip my brush in a pan or pool of color and make a mark on paper...and then another...and then another.  More often than not, that mark-making session gains momentum and soon my creative drive overruns my sadness, boredom, or lack of inspiration.  Just a dab of color at a time chases the blues away...


  1. These are fab. I love color swatches!

  2. Michelle, How lovely of you to link over to Daisy Yellow! I love painting little squares, whether a freestyle grid or documenting a palette or even keeping track of the colors I used on a page. There's just something so intriguing and relaxing about drawing and painting squares. Oh! And circles. Oh! And....

  3. Glad to see you're back, I'm really inspired by your work (and I agree with all the stuff you said about pinning)

  4. This was terrific! Don't sell yourself short, this page is as much of an inspiration as Tammy's!!


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