Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All Wound Up

As of this writing, I am seven weeks post-foot surgery and a follow-up visit to my surgeon officially informed me of what I already knew: things are not progressing normally and I'm looking at least another six to seven weeks before I will know whether this surgery was a success or a colossal misadventure.  I am not surprised - disheartened to be sure - but not surprised as I've been through complicated, trouble-ridden recoveries with all ten of my previous surgeries.  I just happen to take much, much longer to heal.  Familiarity with the situation does NOT breed patience and I am struggling to keep my spirit intact.  Fortunately, I have a very compassionate and attentive medical team and whenever I break down in tears (which is nearly every visit), they listen and soothe and convince me to just stay the course.  So every day, I try to do a little something fun in between all the miserable moments and all the napping on the couch.  Sometimes that means binge-watching Netflix or reading escapist novels or doodling around in my sketchbook.

I have lots of little collections around the house and I really like documenting them. I get a lot of practice rendering different types of surfaces in watercolor like plastic, metal, glass, and fabric.  Grouping similar objects also makes an interesting page with a completed, composed feel.  In the case of these wind-up toys, I discovered that it was quite a challenge to make these drawings look like studies of the actual toys as opposed to cartoons of imaginary critters.  In the end, I really liked this page and decided that I will draw a second set at some point in the near future (hence the label "Set One.")  What a wonderful coincidence that the pharmacy I have to visit so frequently these days also has an excellent selection of wind-ups in their gift section!         


  1. Sorry about the s-l-o-w healing process. On the other hand, you are absolutely the best at drawing. No one else's work comes close to how cool yours is. Take deep breaths...xo

  2. They all jump off the page; something I hope you can do soon, LOL!

  3. Wishing you all the best.
    That page is absolutely wonderful!

  4. Those drawings are fabulous. I'm sorry to hear about your surgery troubles. Get well soon!! !

  5. Oh! The little wind up toys are so fun! I admire your style of sketching

  6. Love your line drawings...aspire to be that good. Wishing you successful healing faster than it's now taking you.

  7. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hi Michelle:
    You have my sympathy.....I was just released from the hospital after three months. What should have been a straightforward hip replacement became infected......
    Sheila J

  8. So sorry things are going so slowly on the recovery front! Your wind-ups are great! Can't wait to see the next collection.

  9. oops, I mean your journal page...I do hope you are feeling better soon!


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