Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Confessions, Realizations, and Plans

I confess:  For months now, I have felt deeply disconnected from and disinterested in my personal art.  It could be a result of a relentlessly cold and dismal winter, a clingy respiratory illness, everyday busyness or (most likely) a combination of all of the above.  Regardless of the cause, the interest and inspiration is gone.

I did manage to churn out 27 robot sculptures for my February show but only because I was whipped into action by a looming deadline and the specter of shame if I failed to meet a commitment that was splashed all over local newspapers.  Other than the robots and the flare of energy when I teach, I've done absolutely nothing to nurture and exercise the artist within.  And that bothers me.  I know I am a better person when I am creating.  However, after so long away, I had begun to wonder if I would ever get back.

So, a couple of nights ago, as I sat in front of the television contemplating and mourning the twin losses of my mojo and muse, I thought "I need a break." And then, just as quickly, I realized that, in fact, I needed a renewal.  And so, the wheels began turning and I started formulating a grand plan.

I am granting myself a six-month sabbatical.  Until the end of August, I am creating for myself constructive time away so I can get back to what I love.  I don't just want to "take a break" because that would just be a continuance of what I'm already doing: nothing.  I want to dig deep and dig myself out.  The artist in me hasn't really gone away; she's just tired, bored, and aimless.  So, that said, I have six sabbatical goals:
  1. Rest my body...
  2. Reflect on my overall purpose and direction...
  3. Renew my passion...
  4. Replenish my inspiration...
  5. Romp in my studio without outside pressures and, finally...
  6. Reconnect to (and perhaps reinvent) my artistic life
I'll still be teaching; that pursuit is an incredibly positive influence on my own art life.  I'll still need to keep up with all the everyday life stuff; there's nobody else to pick up the slack.  However, by declaring this sabbatical aloud, I am committing to action in all the spare moments I can gather.  To keep myself accountable, I will post here every Monday, reporting on my efforts and discoveries.  There may be additional posts here and there but in general, I plan to stay away from blogging.  I have this intense feeling that the time is now, that I have to do something concrete in a big way or my artistic self will perish from lack of love and exercise.

You are invited to stick around and follow my progress or to flee to more active hard feelings if you pack up your follower status.  This is something I have to do to save something I cherish.  I have to let go to make room to grab hold.


  1. Good for you for recognizing that you need a creative renewal! Enjoy your time!

  2. Good for you. I did that once and it was a miracle worker. Making art is wonderful; it's also easy to burn out. Relax, rejuvenate.

  3. good luck, michelle - these are difficult decisions to make but so worth it. i, for one, will be checking in to follow your progress!

  4. have a great sabbatical!

  5. Look forward to hearing how you're doing....take it easy :)


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