Monday, January 27, 2014

Hip Deep in Robot Guts & Other Messy Business

Things may seem quiet here at Lost Coast Post but behind the scenes, it is as crazy and chaotic as it gets.  Since the last week in December, my life has revolved around getting my son Daniel transitioned from community college to a four-year university.  He lives at home while attending school so thankfully, no moving was involved but there has been an endless circus of hoops to jump through to make this shift happen.  And then, no sooner had he completed his first week than he was struck down by a very bad case of the flu (make that pneumonia) complicated by asthma.  Attendance is critical in the first couple of weeks since there are more students than seats (professors drop students who don't show up) but I'm not sure I'll even be able to get him on his feet today.  I might have to go in and talk to his teachers so they know Daniel isn't just being neglectful of his school responsibilities.

With all this life business stuff going on, I've had little to zero time for art for almost three weeks.  I'm going a wee bit mad.  So yesterday, I planted my rear in the studio and in between caring for my patient, started work on some new robot sculptures.  I have a show debuting next month (yikes!) called "For the Love of Robots" and I think I have exactly two weeks to construct an entire fleet of mechanical men.  Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the ball rolling...So if it continues to be a bit slow here at the blog, please know I am working myself to the bone, all the while hoping I can escape the viral wickedness that is waiting like a coiled cobra in my son's room.  Wish me luck... 


  1. oooo you are up against it, hoping coiled cobras go to sleep for you all and the robots grow speedily! x

  2. hope he is feeling better soon!

  3. {deep sigh} love the kitty's face, so similar to a boy cat I had…my Marshall, a healthy bruiser in his day is now gone, but he also loved to lounge around on my stuff while I was working.. adore the a 'sci fi freek' I enjoy the subtle humanity in the wonky eyed creatures you made….and they are SMALL. So can be parked anywhere on a bookcase or that too.


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