Monday, December 2, 2013


This journal page doesn't document a day's events or a mind's ponderings.  It doesn't hold a scrapped snapshot or an ephemeral remnant of a life lived.  It doesn't feature the technique/product/subject-of-the-moment.  It doesn't have a title, a date or even a tiresome command to "Believe!" or "Dream!" or "Fly!"  This journal page just exists as evidence of play and that is enough. 


  1. I think play is quite enough! It is lovely. I love the owls in your header too!

  2. beautiful pages, I love the colors !

  3. Love what you have said and this is a gorgeous page!!

  4. Great colors and the flowers are very inspiring for this time of year. Glad you can think ahead to spring, or wish ahead for spring.


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