Thursday, January 31, 2013

None but the Lonely Hearts

Almost done showing the pages from this mini-journal of portraits I created last weekend.  After tomorrow, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming...maybe.  I loved this project!  From the crickets chirping in the comments section this week, it seems perhaps that everyone is either awestruck or matter.  I let my journaling take whatever twist and/or turn it needs to fulfill my desire for expression, play, or practice.  Sometimes that means lots of bright colors and happy, cartoonish characters and sometimes that means kooky, plain jane black & white drawings.  When I feel my soul do a little happy dance, I know I've hit the mark.


  1. colour me awestruck :) I love this kooky little journal and you are right, restricting to a limited palette and unified style really works

  2. awestruck i loved these drawings so much

  3. I never comment, but I ADORED these!!!!

  4. I would totally be doing a happy dance in my soul too! LOVE these portraits!! So put me in the Awestruck Category! ;-)

  5. I have really been enjoying these portraits. The minimal use of colour and the bold black lines really appeal to me, and I love how each of the characters has his or her own quirky personality.


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